8 - 13 Seater (Twin)

8 – 13 Seater (Twin)

Suitable for smaller groups of people, Helicopters are specifically suited for short haul to medium range flights. There are a wide variety of Helicopters available in a variety of different configurations. Due to their high operation costs, Helicopters are used for short trips and business aviation flights at altitudes less than 1000 ft.

Helicopters can be classified as single engine or twin engine helicopters

  • Helicopters are powered either by piston engines that use 100-octane low loaded fuel or a turbo-shaft engine that uses Jet A Fuel.
  • A helicopter typically seats 4-6 people and is configured similar to the inside of a luxurious car.
  • Helicopters are extremely versatile because of their ability to land almost anywhere, and are used extensively by businessmen, people wanting to do flower showers, marriages, religious pilgrimages , film shoots, surveys and even off shore vessel landings.

Agusta Westland, Bell, Enstrom, Eurocopter, Robinson and Sikorsky are the major Helicopter manufacturers

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