About Us

Welcome to Jetstream Air Charters

Jetstream Air Charters is a Private Aviation Service Provider working with a variety of Air Charters and aircraft across India. We offer most Private Jet and Helicopter services, from Aircraft purchase, Private Jet & Helicopter Charters to Air Ambulances and more specialised options. Along with an intricate national and international network, our experience in the field helps us accommodate all requirements, making an experience with Jetstream Air Charters a memorable and efficient one.

About Us

Since the inception of our company, Jetstream Air Charters has aimed to provide the best in Private Aircraft services. From aircraft sourcing, route planning etc. to more specialized requirements, we deliver tailor made solutions crafted to each client’s individual needs and preferences. Over thirty years of collective experience in the field has given us a keen understanding of the Aviation Industry, helping us anticipate and assure the needs of our clients.

We deliver On Demand Charter for Light, Medium, Heavy Jets and Single/Twin Engine Helicopters. We also provide access to most Private Aircraft in India all year round and are invested in Aircraft Leasing Services for short or long term charters.

As an integrated Jet and Helicopter service provider we only deal with the best quality aircraft and have designed our systems to adhere to a uncompromising safety culture. We are cautious in our selection process when it comes to finding the right aircraft for your Private Air travel.

Our client base is diverse. Aside from the increased popularity among Politicians, Businessmen and individuals from sports/entertainment industries, corporate multinationals and industrialists usually tend to favour the use of Private Jets for the privacy and luxury they can enjoy.

Here at Jetstream, we attend to every detail from the perfect aircraft choice to your trip itinerary specifics. Be it a business charter, a Medical Evacuation, Film Shoot or a Flower Shower, we ensure your complete experience with us meets the highest standard.

Our Safety Standards

We make no compromise on the safety of our customers. The Aircraft we lease are fully up to date with certifications of Airworthiness. All aircraft are in conformity with all current DGCA & FAA guidelines.

• Business Airplanes are equipped with latest safety equipment including:

• Collision avoidance systems

• Ground proximity warning systems

• Severe weather detection units

• Head up displays

• Enhanced synthetic vision systems

In addition, pilots and maintenance technicians are required to undergo extensive training, qualifying them to operate and maintain Business Aircraft. Recurrent training also constantly upgrades their skills. We insist on adherence to safe standard operating procedures being paramount.

All aircraft we use are sent for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance throughout the year to ensure optimum performance.