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Helicopter Charters

Helicopters are a highly versatile aircraft for executive and leisure travel. Their flexibility in the air allow for taking in breath-taking panoramic aerial views of the entire expanse below.

  • We offer Bell Helicopters, Robinsons Eurocopter , Enstrom and Augusta Helicopters. Twin engines helicopters like Equreils, Eurocopters and Sikorskys can also be arranged. We provide Helicopters all over India.
  • Optimise your chopper selection based on your desired location , all we need are the landing coordinates. Landing in off-beat locations, places close to home or even factory grounds is easily achievable through us.
  • We can arrange a traditional landing in permanent Helipads or a more unorthodox entrance by landing your party in a football field, approved Stadiums or the Police lines.
  • All helicopters are flown by experienced Pilots, rated on type, with collective flying of up to 5000 hours . Every machine is inspected and maintained according to DGCA requirements to uphold the industry standard in Private Aviation. These machines have been intelligently designed to fly almost anywhere with proper planning and ease, and are suited to Indian weather conditions.

View our Services page to check out the wide variety of Helicopter applications you can avail of.

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