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  • Air Ambulance & Medivac

Air Ambulance & Medivac

An Air Ambulance charter is employed in cases where transporting a patient via commercial airlines is not an option, such as patients in need of critical medical care not available to the patient in his city . This also extends to cases where patients are in areas too remote to access and in instances of repatriation.

  • An Air Ambulance is like a clinic in flight. These are small planes fitted with Oxygen cylinders, respirators, defibrillators, and other specialised lifesaving medical equipment.
  • Medivac’s are staffed with doctors or specialists to transport patients who need medical care and hospitalisation. They accompany the patient flying with us, and attend to the patient’s basic hygiene, oxygen, medication and overall comfort.
  • We transfer the patients to and from the Air Ambulance in a safe and timely manner. The patient can be accompanied by one or two family members.

The use of a medevac can be instrumental in saving a life.

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