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Election Charters

Time is of the essence during elections. For Candidates the demands of travel imposed on them can be lessened through a Helicopter Charter. This also assures them a powerful entrance during rallies. A helicopter during elections is the best way to increase a party’s reach and scope as it facilitates travel to several places within the state all in one day.

  • Areas that have to be navigated through rough terrain by road are no longer an obstacle as most helicopters can land almost anywhere, allowing a n election candidate to address supporters in multiple places, rural or urban. Helicopters increase reach and visibility, allowing for planning/optimizing speeches during the campaign.
  • There are several machines perfect for this expedition, such as a Bell, a Eurocopter or an Agusta, all available in twin engine capabilities as well.
  • We also offer fixed wing Aircraft like King Airs, Cessna and Pilatus for election flying.

It is ideal to reserve a machine well in advance to ensure availability but it is possible to provide for one prior to elections as well.

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